Last weekend some of the team chose to go on safari… We were picked up from our lodge at Lake Manyara by Safari HQ (the company the business interns have been working with). First we went to the Tarangire National Park, which is the home of thousands of African elephants among other animals. This was… Read More

Our last week in Siem Reap has gone VERY quickly as expected. On Monday we all finished off the final bit of our loo; it was really satisfying to see the finished product and to see how happy it made the families we had built it for. Our loo was officially opened by the cutting… Read More

We arrived in Lake Manyara last Monday and went straight away to the Amani Orphanage, home to around 40 orphans, where we did some teaching. Tuesday morning was spent at the Women’s Institute helping with cooking before heading back to the orphanage after lunch. On Wednesday we visited a local Masai village and were dressed… Read More

Our fourth weekend started off with a bang as our squadie went off for a night at the circus! The Siem Reap Circus is made up of young people from all across Cambodia who have attended the NGO Phare Ponleu Selpak or “The Brightness of the Arts” school, a Cambodian association which aims to improve… Read More

Hey everyone reading this week’s blog. Sorry it has been a bit of a while but sadly I haven’t had charge for my phone and so have found it difficult to write entries, but now I have a charger again so that will change, I promise. Okay where do I start ? So Coparaque was… Read More

Last week was spent volunteering at Machwa School. A day and boarding school for over 300 pupils which was for us a stark contrast to some of the other schools we have seen. We helped out making plaster for the girls new dormitories and planting trees. We helped out with serving lunch most days and… Read More

So this week we started our surfing lessons. We were all extremely excited to be getting out in to the water to finally learn how to surf. The first day was extremely frustrating for everyone I believe as the majority of us couldn’t get up on to our boards until near the end of the… Read More