Hola, This will be my last blog post on behalf of the group as the final members returned home last Sunday. Since I last updated you – during our last few days we continued with the volunteering at the children’s centre; hosting another cooking activity, leading English lessons and putting on a sports day during… Read More

Waterfalls. Peacocks. Country hopping, Canyons. All in seven days! I’m currently back home in England snuggled up on my sofa, listening to the rain outside reminiscing about our last week in South Africa and appreciating just how much we managed to fit in.   Our first trip of the week was around the Panorama, a… Read More

July 23   We all arose early to catch our 10:40 am flight and ended up hiring our own bus because the booked one didn’t show up. All went well and we checked our bags and got through security without a problem.   We had some lunch at an airport cafe and then waited until… Read More

Enjoy Africa!   Our last week of volunteering was in Dar Es Salaam. Here we worked at Calvary Montessori Pre and Primary school where we did teaching, painting and drawing teaching aids. The children at this school were all so lovely and extremely excited when they saw us “Msungu”. The environment created by the staff… Read More

Hey guys! I’m writing to you from Sihanoukville, Cambodia, where the Leapers have spent no more than a week working at a school and exploring the exotic beaches that the province has to offer! Sihanoukville certainly felt different to the hustle and bustle of Siem Reap. The region was a strange mishmash of city, countryside… Read More

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog on Cambodia. Our last week in Siem Reap was an absolute blast and I’m so excited to tell you all about it!    Both of the groups have finished their projects: two new toilets have been built for some of the poorest families in the region. The moment… Read More

  One of my favourite things about coming home from a trip is sitting round with friends and family sharing photos and souvenirs. Until last week I had been excelling in photos but lacking in souvenirs. I’d eyed up some guide books in Kruger and an elephant necklace but hadn’t yet found something that captured… Read More

Hola    So now we have returned for our final 10 days in Havana, in which we will be volunteering.    We spent 2 more days in Trinidad since I last gave you an update. On Tuesday we cycled to the coast – a classic Cuban picturesque white sanded beach where we spent most of… Read More

Hey guys!   Our last week in Arusha began with us going to a new place. We went to Genolivolus orphanage where our project for the week was to plant a garden for them. This orphanage had a lovely homely feel to it and Mama Jane was very sweet and kind. Mama Jane told us… Read More