I must first apologise for the overly grey sentiment of the previous blog; we were gifted with some glorious sun this week on an island that rivals Paradise itself. But we can get onto that later. First, we’ll mull over the events of our final week of work. Let Us Create is a truly wonderful… Read More

We all knew that we had booked a trip during rainy season. We all read online about the perils of Cambodia’s rainy season. We all conveniently chose to place our faith in those articles that promised us a couple of hours of intense rain surrounded by blistering sunshine with highs of forty degrees. We all… Read More

Hi Michaela, Second week’s blog here. It starts with a familiar sounding joke: what do you get when you cross a group of nine enthused young volunteers with a market stall selling zany scrunchies at 2000 riel a pop? Not, as you might anticipate, the central concept for a hit 80s sitcom with a cult… Read More

This week was one of those life-changing weeks in your life, in which the plethora of possibilities for the use of string are revealed to you. Eyes open wide, jaws drop, crowds gather, all to wonder at what you achieved with a piece of string. We may begin with a more traditional use – stringing… Read More