I’ve come to realise that South Africa is a country of contrasts, high mountains against endless seas, wild elephants next to humble mice and of course the class divide.   This week we visited a local orphanage in Malane, just a twenty minute drive from the game reserve. We arrived to be confronted with what… Read More

Today was normal – if you consider being 15 meters away from a heard of elephants drinking out of the lodges pool an everyday sight? Anyway, back to the beginning miles away in Heathrow airport where for the first time me and my fellow travellers, Tom, Ellie, Sophie and Emily met. Coming from entirely separate… Read More

My name is Cain Fowler and I’m 18 years old using the break between A-level exams and University as an opportunity to explore before knuckling down for 3 years. As someone with a love for animals and nature South Africa seemed an obvious choice as it’s such a diverse country with many ancient cultures still… Read More