The game count we did in the Wild West sector on Sunday was much more successful than the Gemsbok study at the start of last week as we saw Gemsbok, Springbok and Red hearted beast. Half way through the game count we decided to climb a mountain called Jenga to see if we… Read More

Week Three Early Sunday morning a large group of us got up early to see if they could spot a leopard on the bait. Two minutes in leopards were sighted by Dr Dre and we all locked on to them through the binoculars (except Max who was busy dreaming about Leopards), an amazing moment as… Read More

Week one of our Namibian adventure, and it’s fair to say we were thrown into it at the deep end.   After our twelve-hour flight, four miss-placed bags in Johannesburg, three of which were found when the rest of us arrived in Upington, a short stop at the Guest House to get the rest of… Read More