July 7 We arrived in Agato on Friday and chilled with our host families. We were promptly split into our respective homes – 2 per house. I am rooming with Naomi en la casa de Roselena y Juan (in Roselena and Juan’s house). We have 6 “siblings:” 2 are living with their wives out of… Read More

July 4: Departure Into the Unknown I couldn’t sleep very well all night, too nervous and excited about what was to come. I drove to the airport with my dad, said “see you later” and went through security. This moment, after turning my back to the small world consisting of the east coast of the… Read More

Hey all! My name is Lia Scala. I’m from a state called Connecticut located in the USA, and I’ll be a rising freshman in college at Clark University. I am thrilled to be the blogger this summer. I will be journeying to three parts of Ecuador with The Leap: Agato, the Galapagos Islands, and the… Read More