Our life in the Galapagos has continued peacefully. The steady and varied work has continued to be an enjoyable challenge by which we contribute to the fragile ecosystems here as well as the small local communities. As with last week, our week schedule for work is diverse, with usually more than two types of jobs… Read More

Hi Michaela, Our first week in the Galapagos has been phenomenal to say the least. Every one of us has thoroughly enjoyed every day so far. It is quite incredible to be in the one place that is mentioned in every biology class. It is even more incredible to see first hand the various endemic… Read More

Work Continues with the Tsachila This week we continued our volunteering in the Tsachila village, which currently hosts us. We have been helping to improve the community sports facilities and spent some time clearing overgrown vegetation around the football pitch, but for the most part our work entailed walking into the jungle to cut down… Read More

Mindo Adventure Weekend After volunteering in Chilcapamba, we journeyed to Mindo, a small adventure town in the cloud forest with a wide variety of adventure activities to choose from. We stayed at a hostel for a couple days, and split our time into different group activities. We took a truck up a (rather bumpy!) forest… Read More

The second week in Ecuador has been steady yet diverse. During the week we continued to work in the fields, guided by the maestro, Ernesto. Our host, Alfonso, decided that we should install an irrigation system in the small field that we had tilled and planted the week before, and this was to be the… Read More

Our first week in Ecuador has been an incredible one. After a late night arrival in Quito I met Fenner, the team leader. He immediately stood out as being extremely charismatic, and as he says, ¨overbearingly optimistic¨. Meeting my Team That same night I met Dylan, a fellow leaper who had been travelling in Ecuador… Read More

Greetings readers and fellow leapers! I am the new blogger for the Ecuador September team. My name is Seamus and I live in the Caribbean island of Barbados. I grew up in Barbados for most of my life and have had little travel experience. I graduated a couple months ago from the International Baccalaureate diploma… Read More