Day 1 After some nervous anticipation Rachel, Dan, Dawn, David and I began the climb up the highest mountain in Africa. We chose to take the Machame route (also nicknamed the ‘Whisky’ route) as it is considered to be the most beautiful trail up with its vegetation and wide views. The route is 7 days… Read More

Hello from Venezuela! We are still having a lovely time and enjoying the tropical weather! On Monday we moved to the inland town of  Caripe. The mountainous region is famed for it´s Guccucaro Cave (no idea how it´s spelt!), and it´s coffee. It´s rained hard here today but it has given us all the opportunity… Read More

Having undergone a gruelling 12 hour car journey, I’m happy to say that we’ve arrived safely in Daar es Salaam! (With the exception of our kilj teammates, who still have their descent ahead of them). We spent a large part of our last week in Arusha at a Masai village, where we got to experience… Read More

Hello again everyone, this is the blog for week three in Ecuador and time is flying by – we can’t believe that we’re already half way through! This week started in Mindo where we were to  be spending our Monday doing a range of activities including zip lining  through the canopy and tubing down the… Read More

So since my last blog we’ve all been very busy! Sally stood on a Sea Urchin last weekend which managed to break off in her big toe. Johny then decided to use his newly aquired Spanish skills to get help from some local men (much to Sally’s embarissment). Unfortunatly though the man wanted to suck… Read More

Hello again all! This week has again been eventful and we had many ups and downs (especially ups because of the hugely high altitudes!) Monday and Tuesday began with some more community work to help rebuild some of the less even and super bumpy roads. When being shown how to rebuild the roads the men… Read More

Vamos! So, we’ve spent our first week here in El Silencio. So far, we’ve mostly been working in the wildlife sanctuary. Our first day was spent changing the perches in the parrot enclosures, which was scarier than it sounds after watching Jess take a parrot to the face! Other animal-sanctuary-based tasks so far have included… Read More

We started the week with our first early morning bush drive where we had our first rhino and elephant sighting. The Rhinos at Kwa have had their horns removed to discourage poaching, this was a sad reminder of the conditions in which these animals live within Africa. After this game drive we went on a… Read More