Hi there, my name is Jake Buehner, I’m 19 years old, and will be taking ‘The Leap’ to Tanzania, Africa in 8 days. It almost doesn’t feel real yet; the fact that I will be going across the world to work for safari companies and volunteer my time for orphanages and schools is overwhelming, but… Read More

Obtaining a training contract with a law firm is, perhaps, more difficult than it has ever been, says law graduate Ryan Corey, who has decided to take action by expanding his credentials and legal experience through a Law Internship in Tanzania. Not since the abolition of scale fees in the mid-1980s has there been so much… Read More

Hi The Leap! Thank you so much was a wonderful time in Tanzania, 4 weeks went so quickly and if I didn’t have flights to catch for stage two of my gap year in Brazil I definitely would have spent 10 weeks and more on in Africa. Everybody was wonderful- staff and leapers included. In… Read More

Choosing what to do with your gap year is a complicated and confusing business. We’ve asked Anna Pitts from The Graduate Recruitment Bureau for her top tips… 1. Location, location, location! The country you travel to in your gap year is one of the most important factors in the decision  making process. You need to think of… Read More

Fundraising Top Tips from Leap Towers: In fundraising letters and online fundraising sites, always provide the hosting organization’s web link and project information in order to gain credibility for fundraising. Try to Approach as Large an Audience as Possible.  Make a list of all available contacts. This list might include personal contacts, professional contacts, groups,… Read More

Can you believe it but a six-month-old lion cub was found by schoolchildren in their village in southern Russia. The brave children, very calmly, caught the cub and took it to school for their very special show and tell – sure does trump the ubiquitous holiday snap! So, do we think this cute little cub… Read More

Tom Daley is to take a gap year for a new ITV2 series. The Olympic bronze medalist is to take time off from the swimming pool to travel the world, taking in famous sites and no doubt practice his back flips into tropical waters. Sadly, for him, a camera crew will be in tow to… Read More

This week the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) announced that they believe schools have been turned into ‘exam factories’ which only encourage children to keep up with the average rather than attempt to excel.- churning out thousands of students with ‘identikit’ qualifications and little in the way of practical or interpersonal skills. The message is,… Read More

We know it’s slightly cheesy expression, but a gap year really is “a once in a life time experience”. Those of you who have just finished school, college or even university are no doubt in need of a well deserved break from education and taking a year out can be the perfect way to let… Read More

For most graduates or early career starters the job you want to apply for does not reflect the type of work you have been doing to date. Traditional student jobs of bar work, fast food, retail and call centres are difficult to cut the mustard when applying to be an astronaut or forensic scientist. So… Read More