What an amazing week it’s been (I can’t believe it’s been a week already). The travelling was long but we made the most of the little luxuries, for example Heidi, Pete and I had gin and tonics and wine on the plane to ‘help us sleep.’ I can’t say this worked that well, but it… Read More

The Vietnamese and South African governments have signed a historic agreement and hailed by conservationists as a ‘turning point in tackling rhino poaching crisis’.   It is hoped that this will be the start of a concerted effort to help address illegal rhino horn trafficking and is top on the WWF agenda.   “South Africa… Read More

Morning Guy, All is well here in sunny Kenya. Camp is quite busy now. The volunteers have been busy at our new Youth Centre which is the starting of a vocational training school we are building in Muhaka. We already have computers and sewing machines in there so your group have been assigned to keep… Read More

        The Intelligent Pelican has been sent to save us! Our friendly orange bird has eliminated the hours of dull research required to find the perfect travel essential products at the right price. Whether you like it or not, a seasoned traveler would take all these things … so 3 cheers for… Read More

The Kenya team go native! Jambo from Kenya! Our journey last week started at the airport, meeting each other, and Alice from The Leap at check in and getting very excited for our next 10 weeks in Kenya. The flight went fine and after a long journey, we finally landed in Mombasa. We got picked… Read More

We were extremely pleased to hear that our Leapers successfully made it to Kenya and are settling in well to Makongeni- a small indigenous village on the south coast of Kenya, very close to Diani Beach. Our volunteers have already started getting their hands dirty with project work and are near to finishing building a… Read More

In June 2008, after a hard year of studying and A-Level exams, I decided what I needed more than anything else, was a rest from education. University had always been part of my plan, but it could wait. As one of the younger students in my year I still didn’t feel ready to pack my… Read More

The Leap has just received an update from the Kenya team. Charlotte, Alexa, Isabelle, Claudia, Alex and Adam have been joined by fellow travelers from Camps International for both of their projects in Makongeni and currently in Mwalaganje. This update is a collective effort of our Leapers: Our weeks in Makongeni were nothing less than… Read More

Over the weekend the Leapers and their colleagues from camps international returned to the group, so project work was in full force with all 33 of us. On Monday, we began work on the large fish ponds with the Baraka Women’s Mangrove Conservation Group. The villagers can then fish in these for food or sell… Read More

Week 1. Update from The Kenya Leapers: Charlotte, Alexa, Isabelle, Alex, Adam and Claudia. Upon arriving at the camp, we were all completely knackered. We had been travelling for about twenty four hours and could not wait to see where we would be living for the next few weeks. To our surprise the accommodation was… Read More