This week started very exciting for us, because we’ve got the chance to be part of a “game capture”. For that we had to drive to the “Oas Stables”, where a very lovely guy called Mantie and his wife Pennie welcomed us. The phrase “My friend”,which Mantie used a lot, is still stuck in our… Read More

As we all arrived to a sunny Uppington after long flights, we hooked up with Red and started our 4-hour drive, most of which consisted of catching up on sleep and checking our bags hadn’t fallen off! Once we got to Oana we were straight away welcomed with sights of animals and ridiculous views. Our… Read More

Arriving at camp, a little later than planned, we were surprised at how nice the tents were and after a quick dinner and a tour of camp we went to sleep. Over the next couple of days we set up camera traps in different areas of the farm to try and catch some footage of… Read More

Embark on a journey that will connect you with nature in one of Africa’s more sought after wilderness destinations: KumKum conservancy, spanning over 45,000 hectares of immense semi-arid desert with colossal cliff faces, infinite bouldering rocks and 50km of a pristine oasis along the Orange River. This journey includes exploration, conservation, adventure and a voyage… Read More