Hola, This will be my last blog post on behalf of the group as the final members returned home last Sunday. Since I last updated you – during our last few days we continued with the volunteering at the children’s centre; hosting another cooking activity, leading English lessons and putting on a sports day during… Read More

Hola    So now we have returned for our final 10 days in Havana, in which we will be volunteering.    We spent 2 more days in Trinidad since I last gave you an update. On Tuesday we cycled to the coast – a classic Cuban picturesque white sanded beach where we spent most of… Read More

Hola   Now that we have left Playa Girón and are in Trinidad, there is now some internet, so i can update you on the groups progress.    In Playa Girón we started our volunteering; marine conservation, building a baseball field and catching the predatory lion fish which were introduced into the area by human… Read More

Hola We have now spent our first two weeks in Havana and about the spend the next two in Playa Girón – where there is no wifi, so I will next update you from Trinidad in 2 weeks. This week we have continued with our Spanish and dance lessons. We took a tour around Havana… Read More

Hola!   Having spent our first week in Havana it’s about time for a quick update!  Now 5 out of the 6 of the complete Leap team are in Havana. I arrived in Havana on Sunday having met up with another Leaper (Lizzie) – and then travelling from the airport to the hostel in a… Read More

¡Hola!  My name is Liv, and I will be blogging on behalf of the group heading to Cuba from July to August. I am 18 years old, and having just finished my A-Levels, cannot wait to replace nights spent note-cramming and essay-writing for those in salsa and jazz clubs in Havana! With Cuba undergoing significant… Read More

The first two weeks in Havana were amazing, we really enjoyed the Spanish classes and especially the dancing! We also had many cultural tours where we saw many of Havana’s special places, like the Jesus Statue, in Casa Blanca, Che Guevarra’s House and the Capitolio! Many of us also enjoyed going around Havana exploring in… Read More

As four years of university came to an end this year, I inherited permanent goosebumps hearing that dreaded question every single day that sounded something like, “So… what’s the next step?” Just thinking about it made my head want to explode. I would make endless lists and title them things like “Get it Together!!” and… Read More

So ive just got back from an incredible week in Cuba – land of Salsa, cigars and Cuba Libres and its safe to say ive found a new favourite country! Touching down in Havana was like going back in time, amazing brightly coloured cars from the 50’s filling the roads with all sorts of weird… Read More

Hello hello. My name is Theo, I am 19 years old, from Donegal, Ireland, but have been living in the Dorset countryside for a good 10 years or so. And I will be living in London soon enough also. My gap year so far has been largely disorganised, one long story of trial and error,… Read More