Melbourne. LA. San Jose. Santa Teresa. After 48hrs of travelling I finally arrived at Jakera to be greeted by the thick Scottish accent of Chris, who runs this jungle paradise. Next comes the introduction to my group, which played out not too dissimilar to that scene in The Sound of Music. First the three Dutchmen… Read More

So this week we started with an early morning road trip to Monteverde. It was a treacherous journey. 3 hours on the mini bus and then a ferry ride and then another 3 hours on the mini bus again. Everyone was very tired when we arrived in Monteverde but we were all blown away by… Read More

Well on Monday, we had volunteering as usual which was just doing touch ups to signs and then we had our Spanish lessons. In the evening me and my friend Katie decided to do horse riding. It was for 2 hours and we went up in to the mountains and then on to the beach.… Read More

So this week we started our surfing lessons. We were all extremely excited to be getting out in to the water to finally learn how to surf. The first day was extremely frustrating for everyone I believe as the majority of us couldn’t get up on to our boards until near the end of the… Read More

So, this week started off with all of us heading of to Montezuma to work with ASVO on their turtle conservation project. I will say the general vibe about going was a negative one as we all felt quite settled at Jakera and now we are going to a new place for 4 days. But… Read More

So the first week of our stay in Costa Rica at Jakera is done. In my opinion I feel it has gone slowly but for others it’s gone quite fast. Our first day was just travelling from the airport to Jakera. It was a LONG journey, mini bus then a ferry and then a mini… Read More

Hi, my name is Lucy and I will be doing the blog for the January Costa Rica team. I graduated college in May and now have an Extended Diploma Level 3 in Animal Management. I have lived around animals all my life being on a farm, being around humble animals such as chickens, sheep and cattle… Read More

  Hi all,   We are glad and excited to inform you that last night we received our first two turtles in our nesting project here in playa Carmen.    The current students are have been doing night patrols and checking around the beach for turtles. Today we moved the eggs to our nesting project… Read More