So the first week of our stay in Costa Rica at Jakera is done. In my opinion I feel it has gone slowly but for others it’s gone quite fast. Our first day was just travelling from the airport to Jakera. It was a LONG journey, mini bus then a ferry and then a mini… Read More

Hi, my name is Lucy and I will be doing the blog for the January Costa Rica team. I graduated college in May and now have an Extended Diploma Level 3 in Animal Management. I have lived around animals all my life being on a farm, being around humble animals such as chickens, sheep and cattle… Read More

  Hi all,   We are glad and excited to inform you that last night we received our first two turtles in our nesting project here in playa Carmen.    The current students are have been doing night patrols and checking around the beach for turtles. Today we moved the eggs to our nesting project… Read More

Upon returning to Kansas City, Missouri and settling back into my home, driving up and down the familiar streets and reuniting with friends and family I can’t help but to reflect on the life changing experience that my fellow Leapers and myself endured over the past ten weeks. The start of our last week began… Read More

Nine weeks. If you were to tell me nine weeks ago that I only have one week left in Costa Rica, I wouldn’t believe you.    We began building our own turtle hatchery at Banana Beach in Santa Teresa on Monday. Jakera decided they would like to take on the mission of helping out the… Read More

    This week began with another goodbye on Monday to our good friend Connor from Chicago. It was a weird couple of days getting use to not having him around. You are missed here in Costa Rica, Connor, and will continue to be missed. But I’m happy to say I now have a great… Read More

Last week we returned to having Spanish class again every morning and volunteering in the afternoon. Which meant more beach cleans ups and helping build the green house. On Wednesday morning Michael, Connor, Coco, Henry, myself and few others not in the leap program went on a little fishing trip. Four total fish were caught.… Read More

The helping of the sea turtles continued again this week. As I had stated before, it is currently high season for the turtles, which meant more and more nests were hatching every night. Turtle season also means it’s the rainy season, that made some late night shifts more difficult than others.   Over at ASVO… Read More

Between learning Spanish, volunteering, helping out turtles, finding new places to eat and spending our free time laying on the beach or surfing, I can tell you that we are all enjoying the Pura Vida lifestyle. I recently broke my phone and had to get it fixed. So I’m going to catch you up on… Read More

Week two has already came and gone and I can’t believe how fast everything is going. It still feels like we just got here.   Our Spanish classes continued this week and we are adapting to our surroundings. I have finally accepted the fact that because of the extreme humidity, my towel will never be… Read More