Sorry I’ve skipped a week of writing, but illnesses have been getting the best of us here in Ecuador! The spiralling wheel of sickness started with everyone’s favorite vegan, Luisa, who was diagnosed with a parasite on our first day here in the Andes. Tori was the next victim a few days later with a… Read More

Our first week of living in the Tsáchila community has been nothing shy of incredible. When we arrived in the jungle last Saturday and saw our extremely basic living conditions, I think the initial instinct among all was complete fear. However, the living situation has ended up being one of the best parts of the… Read More

Elementary school–> Middle school–> High school–> University. That’s the nonstop path a “normal” student in America follows. That’s the path I always assumed I would follow. I never once questioned it or thought to go against society’s strong pressure to comply. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would delay university for a… Read More

With a well needed stopover in Quito to top up on snacks, contact families, celebrate the birthday of a group member with dubiously named drinks and buy copious amounts of insect repellent the group travelled from Agato to the next community – the Tsachila community of Bua, near Santa Domingo.  Here the group spent two… Read More

The group first met as a whole in Quito, some tired from long cross continental flights and early morning layovers in Bogota and others fresh from much shorter trips from North America.  Following an orientation and explanation of the places we are going to visit we spent the first weekend exploring Quito, a deceptively hilly and… Read More

After a rather eventful start to the day (Emily came running into our rooms at 7am telling us we needed to get up and that we were leaving in an hour!) we have finally made it to the Amazon rainforest! The journey here was certainly an interesting one and took about 6 hours, including crossing… Read More

We are currently chilling in the Amazon after an incredible two weeks in the Galapagos Islands. For this stage of the trip we had four new additions to the group; Imogen, Isabelle, Kitty and Alex who we met when we returned to Quito and got to know quite well whilst exploring the Quito nightlife! We… Read More

After a very early start on Saturday (we left at 4am) and a quick farewell to Lea and Elena who were heading back to the States, we got to Banos at around 9.30 and headed to a lovely little hostel where we immediately went for breakfast which was enjoyed in a beautiful room overlooking a… Read More