July 23   We all arose early to catch our 10:40 am flight and ended up hiring our own bus because the booked one didn’t show up. All went well and we checked our bags and got through security without a problem.   We had some lunch at an airport cafe and then waited until… Read More

July 17th Naomi and I ate breakfast then walked to Charlotte and Alexi’s house at 8:30. Everyone walked up together to Pakarinka.   There, we waited inside for news about today’s work. While we waited, I finished writing the blog for last week. Since there was a chance of rain, work was cancelled at the… Read More

July 7 We arrived in Agato on Friday and chilled with our host families. We were promptly split into our respective homes – 2 per house. I am rooming with Naomi en la casa de Roselena y Juan (in Roselena and Juan’s house). We have 6 “siblings:” 2 are living with their wives out of… Read More

July 4: Departure Into the Unknown I couldn’t sleep very well all night, too nervous and excited about what was to come. I drove to the airport with my dad, said “see you later” and went through security. This moment, after turning my back to the small world consisting of the east coast of the… Read More

Hey all! My name is Lia Scala. I’m from a state called Connecticut located in the USA, and I’ll be a rising freshman in college at Clark University. I am thrilled to be the blogger this summer. I will be journeying to three parts of Ecuador with The Leap: Agato, the Galapagos Islands, and the… Read More

As we dreaded, our last week has just about gone by. After a six hour bus ride from Quito, we got to our absolutely stunning and secluded home in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. We arrived to the Gaia Lodge with Group B as well, so there are now 31 of us together. It’s… Read More

I don’t think two weeks have ever flown by as fast as these past couple in the Galapagos. We were greeted at the airport by Geovanni, our new project leader, and multiple white pickup trucks (the taxi vehicles on the island) to escort us to our home here called Hacienda Tranquila. Since we arrived on… Read More

I think it’s safe to say our adventure week lived up to everyone’s adrenaline-seeking expectation! We kicked the week off in Quilotoa, a quaint village right on the edge of a crater lake. Our first day was spent hiking down to the water and kayaking, which proved to be a lot easier said than done… Read More

Sorry I’ve skipped a week of writing, but illnesses have been getting the best of us here in Ecuador! The spiralling wheel of sickness started with everyone’s favorite vegan, Luisa, who was diagnosed with a parasite on our first day here in the Andes. Tori was the next victim a few days later with a… Read More