Hi everyone, I’m Grace and I’m super happy that I’m the team blogger for this Ecuador trip for 10 weeks! So after a super long day travelling and crazy amounts of jet lag, we arrived in a surprisingly sunny and hot Quito! After checking into our colourful little hostel we spent the rest of the… Read More

As Winter fast approaches, I’m beginning to feel the need to travel to beautiful, colourful and exciting places even more! I’ve always wanted to take a gap year, whether that be to Australia, Asia or now my current plan of Ecuador for a crazy 10 weeks of travelling and volunteering with The Leap. Ecuador has… Read More

Galapagos Part 1:   We saw many new faces at the Hacienda Tranquila. The first person we saw, the one who picked us up from the airport, was Geovanny. Geovanny was the lead organizer of activities at the Hacienda. He was from the Galapagos and, he and I quickly found out, we both had lived… Read More

  Adventure week   Quilotoa:   Our first destination during our adventure week was the Volcano Quilatoa. We stayed in a low-ceilinged hotel which had a nice lodge feel to it. The hotel sat on the outskirts of a small tourist town about ten acres in size.    Standing in the town it’s hard to… Read More

Tsachila Community:    The Tsachilas, recognizable by their red-dyed hair, live separated, agrarian lives. There is no main Tsachila villiage; the families who are part of the Tsachila community live on their own farms, separated by the jungle from other community members. Therefore, even though the Tsachila “villiage” we stayed at, Búa, was the largest… Read More

“Did you see the little dead bodies?” That is what Lilly asked me Thursday night.  Okay, relax, it’s not what you think. We had a farewell party before we left Agato and the families cooked us their local delicacy – guinea pigs. So, when Lilly inquired about the little dead bodies she was only referring… Read More

Update number two for you lucky people with access to hot water. We said goodbye to Quito last Friday and travelled up north to Otavalo. For the last week we have been staying with the indigenous people of the Agato community. A few of the families have taken us into their homes so we really… Read More

So we survived the week, we also managed to speak some Spanish and we are yet to get lost. What can I say, it’s a week of successes.  On Tuesday we took a bus tour around Quito which gave us fantastic views of the city. Ecuador is an odd combination of modern and old, run… Read More

Hi, my name is Charlie and I’m psyched to be blogging for a small group of us intrepid explorers as we head out to Ecuador. Well, I say intrepid but I for one am terrified and, with only a few days to go before we leave, I’m pretty sure my team mates will be too.… Read More