The very lovely Georgie Cummings took part in The Leap’s Tanzania Summer team this July, funded (in part) by a bursary from the English Speaking Union. Read her review of The Leap experience in her report to the ESU… “Signing up to a programme such as the one I undertook is perhaps not the most… Read More

As I was booking my Leap trip, it was a toss up between Ecuador and Costa Rica. After much two-ing and fro-ing, I found myself going to Ecuador, mainly based on the fact that the galapagos islands was involved, and, being a nerdy Geographer, I got pretty excited. As I was about to book, Alice… Read More

Fundraising Top Tips from Leap Towers: In fundraising letters and online fundraising sites, always provide the hosting organization’s web link and project information in order to gain credibility for fundraising. Try to Approach as Large an Audience as Possible.  Make a list of all available contacts. This list might include personal contacts, professional contacts, groups,… Read More

If you are carrying out your fundraising we hope it is going well – please let us know if you want any advice, but if you are planning on any events that require sponsorship you might like to plan an event that allows you to raise money for your placement overseas and at the same… Read More

Worried about working out a budget for your gap travels stuck for ideas about how to save money? Our Alice shares her advice on making the most of a small budget (and knowing when to save and splurge!). Click here for the full article. 1) Beg, steal and borrow kit! If you’re heading on a… Read More

Hello everyone! Brilliant news!!!!!! The kids at Good Hope now have their 16 new beds, matresses, pillows, sheets and moquito nets, as well as supplies of food! Now they can sleep comfortably in their new beds, have balnkets to keep them warm in the winter months and will be less likely to contract Malaria. Malaria… Read More

For anyone who doesn’t already know or hasn’t been lucky enough to go to Tanzania with The Leap, CCF stands for Children For Children’s Future and its an orphanage for street children based in Arusha (the safari mecca of Tanzania)! Our lovely leap volunteers have been doing lots of work at the orphanage over the… Read More

A new free online student guide has been launched, giving expert advice on traveling safely and cheaply to students on a budget. Full of helpful advice from people in the industry and recently returned Leapers, this is a must read for any budding backpacker!! Click Here for more information.… Read More

Hello everyone!! So It’s been quite a while since I have written a blog on here (sorry if you have missed me)!! Getting the sponsor money all collected in was a hell of a task, but I can very happily and proudly say….It’s all in!!!!! Yayyyy. We managed to raise enough for 16 beds, 16… Read More

For those of you who’ve never met me my name is Susie, I’m about to start a university course in London and I went on the July team Leap to Kenya. I’m guessing you know that when you are out in a country like Kenya it’s quite common to take steps to sponsor a local… Read More