A little note from Eleanor Warner – Tanzania Media Intern, January 2014 Towards the end of my 10 week programme with the Leap I was given the opportunity to work in the largest multimedia company in Tanzania, Mwananchi Communications. There I was shown the inner workings of their English newspaper, The Citizen. The atmosphere… Read More

Hey Alice and everyone at Leap Towers, Sorry this has taken a longer time than I would’ve liked but I had to apply to universities and find some sort of job ha. I’m just sending this to wish all of you a happy new year with new adventures and new leapers (although sorry, but none… Read More

Hi Alice and everyone else in the office, I just wanted to send a quick email to say how much I enjoyed the trip to Tanzania.  It was an amazing experience and has definitely had an impact on my perspective and attitude to life as well as increasing and improving my teaching skills.  

Also I… Read More

I have been back from Tanzania for a couple of weeks now, apologies for not writing sooner it has all been a bit hectic since arriving home! I just wanted to say a massive thank you, Tanzania and choosing The Leap was defiantly the best decision Lucy and I could of made. It was so… Read More

Hi Guy and Alice, It’s quite late and I can’t get to sleep for thinking about Tanzania. I’m sure everyone gets like this after such an amazing time. So thought while I’m awake I’d message you to let you know about my trip. I have to say its the best thing I’ve ever done in… Read More