Booking my trip to Borneo and the Philippines with The Leap was easily the best decision I’ve ever made. I knew I wanted to travel with The Leap as my sister had previously gone to South Africa with them and had an absolutely amazing time. They make you feel safe and secure, providing brilliant guides… Read More

The team arrived back in Kuching all very excited to re-enter the modern world. We loved the simple living in the village but we were excited to shamelessly eat McDonalds, catch up with friends and family and get a much needed massage!   Next it was time to fly to Mulu national park. It was… Read More

Time flies when you’re having fun… we’ve been in Borneo for nearly a month now, but it feels like much less. Only two more weeks to go before we leave this beautiful island! Last time I was writing you from Tawau, which is an hour away from our second project. Let me tell you a… Read More

Hello 🙂 I  have had an amazing 2 months in Borneo, it has gone by in a blink…far too quickly! We had a great last 2 weeks in Bongkud, 4 day jungle trek was an incredible and at times hilarious experience even if we were eaten alive by mosquitos and leeches! I’m happy to say… Read More

I had a dilemma during my A levels earlier this year. My previous plans which would have filled up the entire summer were cancelled unexpectedly and I had 2 months free with nothing to keep me busy before university. Being in the middle of revision and A levels, I didn’t have the time to plan… Read More

Hi! I just wanted to say that i never actually thanked you for all your help re Borneo trip! I just had the most wonderful time and have been looking at all the pictures of Borneo and reading the blogs on the websites! I got the letter and The Leap cards and couldn’t believe that… Read More

Hi Guy Things out here are going great!!! The first couple of days at Tinangol were so much fun! We got really involved in the community and it was very emotional to leave there. We completed the brick work of a bio-gas collector for the camp and made bins out of bamboo. I loved the… Read More