Adventure week   Quilotoa:   Our first destination during our adventure week was the Volcano Quilatoa. We stayed in a low-ceilinged hotel which had a nice lodge feel to it. The hotel sat on the outskirts of a small tourist town about ten acres in size.    Standing in the town it’s hard to… Read More

This experience was life changing. Although this is from a personal point of view, I wanted to share the great personal development this trip gave me. I believe travel and unknown/unusual environments affects and shapes any individual. It altered my being in a way I find hard to articulate, it changes you and challenges you… Read More

Hello to everyone at The Leap, I just wanted to send a very late thank you. I know I got back from Ecuador over a week ago but i had such a great time and miss it so much. If only I could take a gap year and keep travelling, but I suppose there’s always… Read More

Dear Alice and Guy, Sorry I haven’t been in contact either when I was in Ecuador or since I’ve been back… We were so busy on the placements and found plenty of exiting and interesting stuff to occupy our weekends!! I just wanted to say a big thank you for arranging such a amazing placement… Read More

In 2008 I finished my A-Levels at The Cheltenham Ladies’ College. I was, like most school leavers, excited, daunted and overwhelmed by the possibilities that lay ahead of me. I knew I ultimately wanted to go to University and have a career, but it was the path I would take to get there that I… Read More