So we survived the week, we also managed to speak some Spanish and we are yet to get lost. What can I say, it’s a week of successes.  On Tuesday we took a bus tour around Quito which gave us fantastic views of the city. Ecuador is an odd combination of modern and old, run… Read More

Being on the Galapagos for nearly two weeks, we feel we’ve really got to experience first hand Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory – Survival of the Fittest. Here’s our 20 tips to surviving The Galapagos: To get you through the day, buy an expensive Nutella jar or two – probably cheaper on the mainland To warm your… Read More

The Leap Ecuador

Hey! So we’ve all just finished our first week in Ecuador and it’s safe to say nobody’s missing home yet. It´s been so cool to enter into such a different environment to what we’re all used to and so far it’s been packed full of new experiences – I tried my first ever Empanada… and seriously… Read More

Hello to everyone at The Leap, I just wanted to send a very late thank you. I know I got back from Ecuador over a week ago but i had such a great time and miss it so much. If only I could take a gap year and keep travelling, but I suppose there’s always… Read More

Dear Alice and Guy, Sorry I haven’t been in contact either when I was in Ecuador or since I’ve been back… We were so busy on the placements and found plenty of exiting and interesting stuff to occupy our weekends!! I just wanted to say a big thank you for arranging such a amazing placement… Read More

In 2008 I finished my A-Levels at The Cheltenham Ladies’ College. I was, like most school leavers, excited, daunted and overwhelmed by the possibilities that lay ahead of me. I knew I ultimately wanted to go to University and have a career, but it was the path I would take to get there that I… Read More