Law Internships in Africa.

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If you choose our Law Internship in Tanzania you will find yourself based in one of the nicest areas in East Africa. Arusha is a bustling town on the slopes of Mt Meru. It has always been the starting point for all safaris into the Great Rift Valley where tourists flock to marvel at Tanzania’s unrivalled natural beauty and wildlife in world famous locations: Serengeti National Park, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Olduvai Gorge, where some of our earliest ancestors have been discovered, including some incredible footsteps of a mother and child, apparently skipping, millions of years ago.

As such Arusha is home to many people and businesses related to the safari industry: tour operators competing for international clients and all the businesses that support them with food, fuel, staff and so on.

In addition Arusha is only 45 minutes form the slopes of the highest mountain in Africa – Mt Kilimanjaro. Waking up and seeing the snow-capped summit in the mornings is a wonderful reminder of the unique location. The slopes of the mountain have always been fertile and there are abundant crops of tea, coffee, flowers and vegetables.

In a nutshell Arusah is a great place to be based – busy, sociable with numerous restaurants, clubs and bars and an eclectic mix of expatriates, international travellers and local residents.

Tanzanians are some of the most courteous and friendly people on the planet, they will think nothing of walking you across town to your destination.

It is in this environment that you can be based for 6 weeks in some well-regarded law firms.

The main focus is of course assisting in a local law firm in Arusha and we work with number well-respected legal organisations. The opportunity to work as a volunteer intern overseas in a developing country is wonderful preparation for a career in the competitive legal profession, providing you with a special insight into procedure and practice. A voluntary internship with a respected law firm would be a positive for your CV as international law experience is definitely helpful when applying for jobs or hoping for promotion.

Ngalo Advocates:

Is run and owned by one of Tanzania’s most respected lawyers – Mr Ngalo, in fact the government have on numerous occasions asked Mr Ngalo to be on their panel of senior lawyers, that is how well regarded he is.

He has a nice office right next door to his house (handy) in a leafy suburb surrounded by jacaranda trees. The city this isn’t! His firm are involved mainly in commercial law, which involves Mr Ngalo making frequent trips to the represent his clients in court.

The Ngalo advocate is one of the oldest and most reputable law firms in Arusha and Tanzania at large. It was founded by a senior attorney Mr. Ngalo about three decades ago. It has several senior and upcoming legal officers who offer a variety of legal services such as criminal, civil, litigation and human rights.

You will be kept busy usually form 0830 – 1700 with a break for lunch where you might stroll to some nearby local restaurants. You will be assigned a ‘mentor’ who will help look after you and ensure that you and the firm get the very most from your experience.

The firm expects the volunteers/interns to take part in all activities deemed relevant to the skills and experience of the volunteer/intern that the firm might be handling. These activities include case preparations such as reviewing evidences, general office administration, court attendances, case preparation, case filing, motion writing, handling customers and other duties as assigned by the senior partners of the firm.

Star Attorneys.

We also work with Star Attorneys – one of the partners is Mama Jojo, the wife of our Tanzania project leader Mathias. Both are lovely friendly people who have two young girls and will go out of their way to ensure you leave Tanzania having really got to know it in a way that would not be possible for a tourist.

Mama Jojo and her best friend Helen (also a lawyer and herself a genocide survivor, she escaped with her husband and 6 children, all under 12, by walking through the bush at night for over 30 days. An evening with Helen listening to her stories is one you will never forget!) have spent the last 8 years or so helping to prosecute the murderer’s involved in the Rwandan Genocide. To date 72 have been tried and in June this year the trials will finally be over.

At this firm you’ll experience similar tasks to Ngalo Associates but also get the opportunity to spend time with Mama Jojo hopefully witnessing the tail end of the Rwandan prosecution process.

A Law Internships in Africa are there to provide you with invaluable work expereince, which can really stand out on your CV, whilst allowing you to get off the beaten track and get a true taste of the culture and way of life within the country you’ve chosen to visit. Overeas organisations are able to allow interns to take part in a much wider range of actitities that organisations in the UK, USA and Australia can allow, so its an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd and have the experience of a lifetime! What are you waiting for…..TAKE THE LEAP!! :)

Take The Leap!



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