Hi there!

We’ve all had another incredible week at camp but we’re finding it very strange that we only have one more week here before we head off on the boat trip.

This week Pete and Will switched to forest,  and Ed and Alex did some diving. There was the ‘church walk’ where you stay in a church and have some dinner before going on a night hike. Everyone who goes says its very cool despite being pooped on by bats and has been described by many as a ‘bonding experience’.

Unfortunately some of us couldn’t go due to dodgy stomachs or injuries but we’re hoping to go this coming week. We had a camp party on Friday to get to know the people from the last intake, this was great fun however it was strange staying up past 8.30 (our normal bedtime) – I know we’re very cool.

Yesterday we headed off to Hell Ville (which I’ve realised I’ve been spelling wrong this entire time, so apologies) and Heidi and I went to get some MAKI MAKI t-shirts from the MAKI shop. ‘Maki’ is lemur in Malagasy and they normally label everything with it, from tops to ash trays. A lot of people stayed the night and went to a beach bar but others came back to chill at camp.

We’ve all had species tests this week and it’s been really satisfying to be able to identify the wildlife around you (even if it’s just identifying a Scops owl that’s non-stop hooting outside your hut when you’re trying to get to sleep).

See you next week! 

Holly x