Hello everyone!


Camp just never gets less incredible. It’s been our last week in Turtle Cove so we’ve been trying to make the most of everything, but I never want to leave this paradise. Whilst it’s weird to think we won’t be staying much longer in camp, we’re all really looking forward to the boat trip.

This week has been a great one, with the foresters doing some habitat bird surveys and the construction people have started building a bridge round camp so that the locals can pass more easily round in rainy season. Alex and Ed both got their advanced PADI this week which is really cool and they’ve been teaching in the afternoons.

The highlight of the week for me has got to be the church hike. Heidi, Will, Pete and I got to go with 6 others and it seriously did not disappoint. I was preparing myself for the hike to be really hard because it’s just a lot of uphill walking with all our sleeping stuff on our backs but it was so much fun (and we took a lot of breaks).

Once we arrived at the top of Nosy Komba we sorted out sleeping arrangements and then went and found the view point. Watching the sun going down over Nosy Be is an experience I’ll never forget, the views were just incredible and everyone was in a very good mood. Not only was the viewpoint amazing but the dinner that the locals laid on for us was brilliant and I had the best banana I think I’ve ever had.

After being refuelled we set off on the night hike with a guide who says he can smell chameleons, and he was not lying. It was crazy how much he could spot, if he hadn’t been there I really don’t think I would have seen that much. After an interesting nights sleep with some very loud snoring, we came back down the mountain in time for breakfast ready for pancakes…. but no, we were all heartbroken to find that they had been eaten.

After breakfast Heidi and I headed straight for the sea and spent about an hour bobbing around trying to feel cooler and cleaner. We had a very chilled afternoon and then had a double whammy of ILOS party on Friday and then pretty much everyone went out to beach bar last night and stayed in Hell Ville. Beach bar was a lot nicer than I expected and some cracking tunes were playing so we all had a great time. We’ve got tomorrow to sort out what we’re going to take on the boat and then we head off on Tuesday for the next leg of the adventure.


Catch you later,

Holly x