Hi, my name is Holly Cook and I’m heading off on the 6 week project to Madagascar.

I always find it hard writing about myself but here goes… I’m coming to the end of my gap year, and whilst I had all these dreams that I would travel the world in my year off, the reality has been quite different; not that I can complain.

Holly Cook

In September I started volunteering in a zoo and a city farm and by January I was very lucky to have jobs at both. Whilst my bank account enjoyed this, it also provided me with amazing experience which will be very useful when I (hopefully) go to Liverpool in September to study veterinary.

As you can probably tell, I love working with animals, so Madagascar, with 90% of its animal and plant species being endemic, is right up my street. My parents laughed and my friends said I was weird when I announced I was looking forward to not having WIFI but I’m excited to be cut off from all things London (I’m not as strange as I sound). Even though I’m yet to figure out how to fit everything in my bag, Monday can’t come soon enough…here goes!