I’m Lottie, I have just finished school and am currently working in London and juggling a job in retail and as a tutor in order to earn some money for my year out, after which I will take up a place at Edinburgh to read History.

I decided to take gap year for the main reason that I think it inconceivable why anyone how who has spent most of June stuck in an exam room would find prospect of heading straight to University at all appealing. I always knew I wanted to take a gap year and up until recently I have never given it much thought as to what I want to ‘get out’ of my year off, my thoughts were always focused on just ‘getting out of’ education.

However, the eventual researching progress led me to the Leap, because to honest I think a bit of manual labour, internet abstinence, new culture and just generally leaving my comfort zone will actually do me quite a bit of good and allow me actually achieve something on my gap year (no matter how appealing going to the Full Moon Party 3 times might seem…). When it came to choosing the location, Tanzania appealed to me as the answer to my goal of getting to actually do something good, but also giving me the chance to truly experience a whole new country in a continent that I find so appealingly ‘un western’. I am hugely excited about heading off in January (not only because it means I can wheedle myself a new ‘Africa’ wardrobe) but also at the chance of meeting new people, who I hope will become firm friends. Version 2

Following the Leap I am planning on travelling around South East Asia with a friend so not to miss out on the Full Moon party altogether! In terms of the planning process, I have decided that anything I want to take I probably don’t need and anything that my father suggests is probably what I do need. So, with much regret, my online shopping accounts with Topshop and Urban Outfitters have been swapped for those with Countrywide Outdoor and Trespass. Whilst the trip is daunting in terms of being away from home and having to live alongside puff adders, green mambas, black mambas, cobras, boomslangs and Gabon Vipers, I cannot deny how excited I am.

Lottie Xx