Last weekend some of the team chose to go on safari… We were picked up from our lodge at Lake Manyara by Safari HQ (the company the business interns have been working with). First we went to the Tarangire National Park, which is the home of thousands of African elephants among other animals. This was by far the most beautiful scenery of all the national parks we were to see. Friday night was spent in a different lodge in Lake Manyara and the Leap made a mistake by allowing us in safari because we were exposed to the concept of a three course supper and now we have high demands on our return to Arusha!!

On Saturday we drove to the Serengeti through the Ngorongoro conservational area and saw Cheetahs, Lions, lots of zebras and giraffes. Saturday night we camped in the middle of the Serengeti (note with no guards or guns) but we survived the lions, although hyperthermia was almost certainly contracted by all given that a mix up meant we weren’t given sleeping bags (NB. the Serengeti gets very cold at night). 

On Sunday we did game drives around the Serengeti and saw a Leopard fast asleep in a tree which caused huge excitement. Sunday night we headed to a campsite on the rim of the Ngorongoro crater and were slightly concerned when one of the guides pointed out that the pile of shit next to one of the tents was buffalo because they ‘often walk around here at night’… Sleeping bags then appeared and we slept so much better and finally enjoyed our last day of safari in the Ngorongoro Crater! 

The rest of the week was spent volunteering at Moshono Primary school renovating the nursery classroom. We have all hugely enjoyed this project as it allows us to see the full process of our work. This week we primed, painted and decorated the classroom walls (with those who could actually draw being the only ones allowed close to a paint pot!). We will continue at Moshono next week doing our favourite thing…CEMENT!