We arrived in Lake Manyara last Monday and went straight away to the Amani Orphanage, home to around 40 orphans, where we did some teaching.

Tuesday morning was spent at the Women’s Institute helping with cooking before heading back to the orphanage after lunch. On Wednesday we visited a local Masai village and were dressed up as Maasai (which was slightly less popular among some than others). Tom hurt his foot in a Masai jumping competition and took a short trip to the ‘doctor’ – a loose African term to describe someone rubbing cream on your foot in a back street alley!

On Thursday we went on a cycling safari which was so fun, but considering tarmac isn’t a thing in the bush most of us are still feeling the pain in our bums.

The crowning glory of Lake Manyara had to be the hot lunches were hugely popular this week as many of us enjoyed the break from eating the same sandwich and half a banana every day from a Tupperware!