After an 8 hour flight with a mediocre film selection and a menu that won’t be winning a Michelin star anytime soon we arrived in Arusha. The African experience kicked off with immigration an experience to say the least…

Bucket baths aside and a toaster that does not toast but instead only warms bread, we have all settled into our accommodation surprisingly well. The first few days were spent scouting out the best parts of Arusha (the Vodafone shop and the bars that stock Gordon’s Gin), visiting a hotel to drain their WiFi and going to the hot springs outside of Arusha.

These few days spent very much on holiday meant that our first day at work on Monday came as a bit of a shock. We shoveled gravel and carried soil to build two classroom floors at the school, ‘conveniently disappearing’ at regular intervals to play with the children. Wednesday was spent teaching and Thursday saw us mixing cement by hand and laying classroom floors (its safe to say everyone has been put off the idea of a career as a builder).

Friday night was spent with half of us going to a bar in Arusha whilst the other half went to the local bar. A good night had by all. Saturday was spent at the snake farm and Masai museum, with the highlight for most of us being a trip to the supermarket, which was highly overpriced but they did stock marmite.