What an amazing week it’s been (I can’t believe it’s been a week already). The travelling was long but we made the most of the little luxuries, for example Heidi, Pete and I had gin and tonics and wine on the plane to ‘help us sleep.’ I can’t say this worked that well, but it was great at the time.


 It felt really surreal arriving on Tuesday Afternoon after bag confusion, a flat tyre and a very sweaty wait for our visas. Camp is potentially the greatest thing in the world, with lots of wooden huts arranged up a hill, communal areas and to top it off a beach with great snorkelling. Getting used to going to bed at 7pm and getting up at 6am has not been a problem at all and it means we’ve made the most of the day time.


Will, Pete and Ed have been on Community and the rest of us on Forest. I don’t think I have ever sweated as much in my life on the forest hikes but nothing beats the feeling of when you get to your destination (or when you get to sit down). We’ve done a habitat survey which was near Banana a local village on Nosy Komba and this morning we were up bright and early so we weren’t hiking in the midday heat to do some bird surveys. This was brilliant because we learn some of the different birds and how to identify them.


The amount of wildlife here is just incredible however, because there’s so much of it, it’s going to mean a lot of hours spent trying to learn the names of all of them. In Ampang, another local village, there was a party of Friday night, which was a lot of fun and most of camp went. This meant that for a few of us, Saturday was spent relaxing and working on the tan. Unknown-4

Sunday involved catching a boat to Helville, a town on Nosy Be. There we saw a sacred waterfall and tree. To get to these destinations we caught a taxi which struggled to get up some of the larger hills, so instead we reversed up them. Whilst this may have added an extra half an hour to our journey it was very amusing each time we almost reached the top of a hill…but not quite.

Anyway, I’m off now to go set some butterfly traps. See ya next week!


Madagascar brochure