We packed a lot more into the second week than the first! Early this week we finished painting the school. 

George looking very proud of our painting skills

We then spent the next morning helping the local women make their fishing nets. Although it took us a while to get the hang of, by the end of the three hours we were actually quite efficient with tying the nets together. The women who do it for their living are so fast and can tie each knot in about 0.1 seconds. However, we were told the more nets that they finish the more money they make for their families at the end of the day- so we did help overall!!

Elijah enjoying tying the nets

On Wednesday we got the day off to spend as we liked. Most people went to Otres beach, but Elijah, Dave and I went with Chloe to get her first tattoo! The tattoo man was really nice and let us play music whilst he completed the tattoo- which looks really good! On Wednesdays Sihanoukville is known for hosting a jungle party called Kerfuffle. A small group of us went to this and had one of the best nights out in Cambodia! It was in the middle of the jungle and had loads of rides to go on!

The next day we got up early to work (despite the party the night before) and cleaned up the local beach by the school. During lunch we all had a nap in an attempt to try to catch up on sleep from the night before. On Friday Rah (the man who owned starfish cafe) took us all to do some traditional Cambodian fishing. This involved tying a thread to a water bottle and throwing the hook into the water while you kept hold of the bottle- it seems complicated but it really isn’t. As it was my first time fishing it took a while to get the technique going but Elijah was really patient and helped me- I ended up catching 4 fish! 

Tamsin at the place where we fished

Our last day in Sihanoukville was spent in Koh Rong (somewhere I would definitely recommend spending more than just a day at!) Koh Rong had beautiful white beaches with almost no tourists on. We all just spent the day relaxing and spending time together before leaving to Phomn Penh the next day for the last few days together!

Phomn Penh was so much hotter and muggier than Sihanoukville, we all spent the majority of our time with sweat pouring off our faces! In Phomn Penh we went to the killing fields, which was one of my favourite things to do throughout my whole time in Cambodia. It was so amazing and interesting to learn about the terrible history of the country I had just spent the past 10 weeks in. Although, some parts of it (particularly at the S21 torture house) I could not listen to as it was too upsetting to hear the capabilities of the human race. 

On a happier note, we went for the ‘last supper’ at a REALLY nice Japanese restaurant. Elijah had found this nice looking restaurant for us all to go to, but when we turned up there were bottles of expensive champagne in the reception and people with walkie talkies everywhere. It was safe to say we definitely felt out of place as a bunch of backpackers in this restaurant. However, we all agreed it was some of the best food we have ever had! 

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The next day it was time to all go our separate ways- there were lots of tears involved! We all had the best time together and we have all made some friends for life, I can’t wait for the reunion this summer at Janet’s Bar!

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