We arrived in Sihanoukville in the afternoon on the Sunday. We spent the day relaxing after spending the previous night out in Phomn Penh. The next day we began volunteering at the local schools, as usual we split into two groups, my group went to a school named Computer Development Centre (CDC). Here we began repainting the outside of the building a colour called Carolina blue. The other group at the school next door painted the school yellow! In the afternoons we usually played football with the kids (which was really really tiring, especially in the heat) or we picked up litter which was all around the school. 

Throughout the week we taught the children how to work computers, which mainly involved familiarising them with the english keyboard. We played lots of games on the computer with them where they had to type out words as fast as they could.

At the end of the week we split into groups of two and educated a class on the importance of caring for the environment. This was because throughout the week we saw the children throwing their rubbish on the ground and standing right next to plastic as they burnt it- simply because they hadn’t been educated otherwise. 

Most evenings after work we went to the nearest beach to watch the amazing sunsets that Sihanoukville has to offer. At the weekend we made the trip to Otres beach to spend the day relaxing by the sea and drinking beer- it is also the cleanest beach to swim in! We also went out to the clubs at Otres beach in the evening, and we even brought Chouy and Toh with us as we all wanted to make the most of the very few nights out we had left together!

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