This week was our last week in Siem Reap, a place which had become our home for the past 6 weeks. Dave, Aidan and Elijah had requested Monday off to watch the Superbowl, so we all got the day off. No one except the Americans actually got up at 5.30 to watch the game, so we all enjoyed a lie in before spending the day by the pool at the local hostel

In the mornings for the rest of the week we continued our work at Music For Everyone. Lucinda and I finished our crocodile and began painting the other side of the door, on which we painted some butterflies. 

Elijah decided to add some of his artistic talent to the painting which consisted of flicking loads of different colours onto the butterflies!

This week we all had to say goodbye to the children at CDO orphanage and Spitler school.

There was only around 15 children at the orphanage so we had really got to know all of them (and we had learnt all their names which is harder than you might think!). On our last day we played ‘duck duck goose’, limbo and tug of war with the children. Saying goodbye was hard and there were a few tears (mainly from Poppy)!

For others, namely Poppy and Lucinda, the last week in Siem Reap meant the last time to buy stuff from the markets. Lucinda somehow managed to spend 60$ in the markets this week- don’t worry some stuff was presents for friends and family!

However, Poppy was leaving this week so we had our final night out on Pub Street on Friday to say our goodbyes to both her and the street itself. Over the 6 weeks we had gotten to know managers of bars and locals who sell bracelets at night so Friday really was a day of goodbyes.

Everyone had a really fun night despite the fact we had to get up at 7am on Saturday morning to make our way to Phnom Penh. Our time in Phnom Penh was short, as we arrived in the evening, but we still managed to find a coffee shop with really good Iced Coffee! The next morning we left early again to make our way to EVP (Elephant Valley Project)-this was another long drive and we arrived in the evening in time for an amazing sunset over the jungle. I think the next few weeks will be really special…


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