Our third week here has been wonderful., Cambodia is just full of hidden little gems and beautiful places, a country that never fails to impress. Last time I wrote to you, we were about to go and play some traditional Cambodian instruments. The instruments were actually really hard to play, there were definitely some skills required! However, they were lovely to listen to and created very different but peaceful music. With this same family, we came back later during the week to help plant some seeds to give them a better income. This was so much fun and really rewarding knowing we were helping them so much.
Cambodia Afterwards, during the evening, we all decided to have a family night out together, including our project leaders… who are fantastic by the way! Once again, we went back and visited the ladyboys – please go see the ladyboy show, it’s so much fun!! We also decided to go and see Phare Circus and have never watched a performance so mesmerising! The flips, dance moves, paintings and skills they did were truly incredible. Once the show had finished, we were able to walk onto the stage and give a donation, then had our picture taken with the performers. Fantastic evening!

Cambodia During the mornings of this week, we’ve all been to finish off our toilet projects and start building a chicken coop. If you ever need a squat toilet or chicken coop, then come to us, as we’re professionals at it now! And you will be too if you come on this fantastic trip! Building the chicken coop was so much fun; we got to cut down bamboo strips then use a machete to cut off the loose bits of wood so the chickens wouldn’t get splinters. Fantastic way to build up muscle! Three of us have been going to KIDTEA in the mornings and then another three in the afternoon to help teach the children. The children out here are extremely happy, always giving you a smile and a hug and waving, saying hello! It really is the little things in life that mean the most.
Cambodia We went to a traditional Cambodian wedding, which was so colourful and beaming with joy and happiness. They had a photographer, who put them in a certain position every 10 minutes for different poses, so they definitely have a few good photos to look back on in their wedding book. However, the bride and groom are not supposed to smile in their photos in case one of them has a bad smile and it makes them look ugly, so they had to have no emotion, meaning they look the same in every photograph!
Cambodia This week, we finally saw rain! First rain we’ve all seen in a month! It was the first time we’ve all seriously been overjoyed to see rain and not sunshine, which has never happened before, but I’m certainly never taking rain for granted again. However, with this came a massive power cut, which meant no water supply, no electricity and no wifi for a week! It’s killed us! So our second home has been Costa, with air con and electricity and then Golden Banana, which has wifi- our saviour!

Yesterday, Dani, Katkin, Flora, Edward, Ceci and I went on a guided bike ride with our project leader, Melissa, and her charity group. It was a lovely ride around the paddy fields, jungle and the villages. In the end, we realised we had cycled 25 miles! Today is Sunday so we have decided to have a tourist day seeing the sights. First of all, we are going to visit the Angkor National Museum and then later on, we are going to Ta Prohm Temple, which has been swallowed up by the jungle. Can’t wait to see more of Cambodia’s hidden gems!