Hi, my name is Isla Stenhouse and I’m 19 years old and am only days away from setting off on an adventure of a life time.

I decided to take a gap year because I wanted to experience the world outside of education that has made up the majority of my life for 18 years before going to university. The Leap immediately enticed me with their wide array of destinations, the amazing adventures that they offer in them and the opportunity to help others.

I chose the trip to Borneo and the Philippines because I was excited by the extreme difference in culture and environment of both that would allow me to experience things that I would never be able to at home. This trip will also allow me to meet new people that I would have otherwise not had the opportunity to meet both on my team and in the new communities that I will be immersed in.

I have been working in my local pub for the last few months which allowed me to fundraise for the trip and gave me invaluable life skills.

During this time I have also been preparing for my trip by finessing the fine art of packing an 80 litre backpack and facing my fear of injections!

I am pretty nervous as this trip is pushing me out of my comfort zone but I can’t wait to get going as I know that this is going to be an experience I’ll remember forever.

Isla x