It is now the end of our last full week in Cambodia (cry) and with only 4 days left to go the squad is starting to feel a little sad to say the least about leaving this country. This week we’ve been staying in Sihanoukville, working at Surata public school. Our task for the week is organised by the Starfish project, who aim to improve the healthcare, education and community of Sihanoukville. Most of their employees also have polio, meaning that they give job opportunities to those who otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance.

Our main task this week from Monday- Thursday was to clean and repaint the shutter windows of the school- and it’s actually a lot more challenging than it sounds! The school is definitely different to the ones in Siem Reap, the children are older (6-17) and are definitely more intimidating than our little kids from Spitler and Kurata! Nevertheless, we all enjoyed becoming painters for the week and also had a chance to teach them some English and play football with the INCREDIBLE football players of the school.

Our hostel is a 4 minute walk away from Otres beach, so every day from 4.30 onwards that is where you would find us all – attempting to sunbathe or having a much needed swim in the clear blue sea. Today we have spent the day at Koh Rong island, basking in the sun (shade for me) and properly chilling out. Our last weekend here, and what a nice one it’s been!