It has been an exciting week of exploring, burns, sweating, complaining about sweating, and near death experiences in tuk tuks. Everyone has started settling in and adjusting to this extreme but fantastic country.
The gang bravely ventured out on the first night. Although we were somewhat delusional from the flight, we tried some delicious cocktails but were up bright and breezy the next morning to start building the well.
The building activities take place every morning, and I think everyone can agree that they have never sweated more in their lives! Despite that, we all work well as a team (the boys do all the heavy duty lifting whilst the girls helpfully work on lying In front of the fan). The families we have helped are so grateful and we adore playing with the children. All the families are so kind and we are so happy knowing they now have clean water
In the past week we have gone through 80 litres of Aloe Vera and after sun. We now look like a small pack of lobsters… We were shocked with how powerful the sun was, highlighted by the quote of the week “I didn’t realise how hot the sun was!” (Chloe) but thankfully we are now being more careful and should all be quite brown soon! 
We have been spoilt rotten with the most delicious food. Mouth watering plates of chicken, noodles, fried vegetables everyday- we are so happy! It’s great that we get to really experience Cambodian traditional food, because if we were in charge of food it would be pizza al a chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Chou (The leader in charge) has been teaching us the local language “khmer”, although we are slightly struggling with perfecting the accent, we have learnt helpful vocabulary like “I don’t want tuk tuk!!” Every time one of us gets in a tuk tuk, we pray for their lives! Health and safety does not exist on these “anyway goes” roads. Apart from one tuk tuk turning totally on its side we have been unharmed by these vehicles (so far). 
Teaching the wonderful students start next week and this upcoming weekend is Khmer new year, so we are all really looking forward to the days ahead of us!
Overall we have had a very successful week and we are enjoying every moment of this unique adventure!