Amigos y familia!

This concludes our second week here in La Habana Vieja and I think I can speak for all of us in saying, we have had an absolute blast. We have all learned a significant amount  more Spanish from our Spanish lessons, have explored our stomping ground here in Havana quite thoroughly, and have become good friends with some of the people in the hostel as well. We have our favorite restaurants, know where to get the best deals on “limonada” and ropa vieja and have experienced much of the tourist area of Cuba so far. We have toured the various Plazas, have visited art museums and historical Cathedrals, and have learned much of the rich history of this beautiful city. Although we have all loved our time here in the heart of the city, we are eager to get a broader perspective on life here. That is why tomorrow we will be leaving to visit the city of Viñales. As beautiful and enriching as Havana is, I anticipate that Viñales will feel much more authentic, as it is a smaller western town that lends itself to a more rustic and pastoral experience, from what I have heard. Here, we will continue our cultural exploration and immersion, go horseback riding to an authentic old school tobacco farm, and much more. After returning to Havana for just a couple hours to pack a new backpack, we will then finally start our volunteering endeavors in Playa Girón, and we couldn’t be more excited for it!

In the mean time, here are some more pictures of La Habana Vieja and our experiences here this far. Till next time


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