Having spent our first week in Havana it’s about time for a quick update! 

Now 5 out of the 6 of the complete Leap team are in Havana. I arrived in Havana on Sunday having met up with another Leaper (Lizzie) – and then travelling from the airport to the hostel in a typically Cuban vintage car (of course) we met up with our other team members (Ava, Alex and Mark). Cuba Team

We start the day with Spanish lessons in the morning in which we learn about the history of the country as well as their language. 

In the afternoons we are learning how (or at least trying!)  to dance Salsa – and having visited a very authentic and stylish salsa club on Wednesday we’re determined to learn by the end of the trip! 

cuba brochure

Today we volunteered – helping local children in an art project, which was both hugely humbling and rewarding seeing how few resources they use to create activities to reinforce their strong sense of community. 

I will update you on our progress next week – but in the meantime; mojitos, salsa y español!