The first two weeks in Havana were amazing, we really enjoyed the Spanish classes and especially the dancing! We also had many cultural tours where we saw many of Havana’s special places, like the Jesus Statue, in Casa Blanca, Che Guevarra’s House and the Capitolio! Many of us also enjoyed going around Havana exploring in small groups. It is also very nice that in Jakera there are always other people from other programmes so that you are always able to find friends really easy from many different countries! So yeah Jakera is definetely a great place!
We spent our second weekend in Cuba in “Vinales”, a countryside town where traditionally Cuban cigars are made. We had a horse tour through the tobacco fields and afterwards were shown how Cuban cigars are made, which was very interesting!
Now we are currently in “Playa Giron”, Bay of Pigs which is a such different experience! It’s very nice and relaxed! We worked on the “basebolito” the first two days and Leonel was able to organise many activities for us to do, so that we have plenty to do! On one day we learned how to make cocktails, went to “Caleta Buena” (an amazing beach) where we did snorkeling and of course the lion fish hunting, which was really exciting! Today we had a hike through the nearby woods, to visit two lakes and tomorrow we are going to visit a natural pool where we will have a picnic! Most importantly this gave us the chance to socialize more with the local people and exchange our cultures, which is also very nice! On Friday, we will head to Trinidad for the activity week, which we are all looking forward to! Last week is back in Havana where we will have more Spanish and dance classes and also volunteering which won’t be a problem in Havana as its the capital and Leonel has important connections there so we won’t have to worry about not being able to volunteer! Can’t wait!

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