We started off these last two weeks in total denial that at the conclusion of them we would have to say kwaheri (goodbye in swahili) to some of our favourite people. These two weeks have been our last at our new-found home here in Arusha. I spent last week in the orphanage which I have been in since the beginning of this trip and this week at a whole new place: a special needs program at a government run school. I had to say goodbye to the cutest little babies at the orphanage but I got to say hello to the lively and loving special needs class. They don’t have enough funds to have more than one class of special needs, so the age range of the kids in the one lone classroom is 7 to 17. They all have very different learning abilities as you can imagine, but one thing that is the same in every student: their passion and excitement to learn. I think we could all take a page out of these students’ books to never give up even if all of the e’s you’re writing are upside down.

saying Kaheri in tanzania

Last weekend we got to go to the “hot springs” which were about two hours away. They weren’t hot, but they were SO cool. We had been driving through dry desert-looking lands for about an hour and all of a sudden a little oasis appeared. When we drove into it there was a whole pool of water glistening and reflecting the trees draping over it. There was even a rope swing. Even though I really thought I would faceplant when I went off it I made it safely into the water off the swing – thank goodness. We all spent so long swimming and jumping in the water that everyone was asleep on the car ride home, we were exhausted!