This week we were able to go to the school every morning for two hours to teach English, play sports, and do crafts.  My first group was teaching English and I just want to start off by saying that it was amazing.  Almost all of the kids were attentive and tried their best to participate and learn.  Only a couple seemed distracted but that’s expected as they were all six and seven year olds.  Tuesday my group and I participated in sports with some of the older kids.  We all played futbol which most of the kids were really excited about.  A lot of the kids were pretty good, and most of them were better than me.  It was a hot day but overall it was really enjoyable.  Wednesday we were with the crafts group.  Our craft was making turtles out of foam, pipe cleaners, and the bottoms of plastic bottles.  The kids seemed to really enjoy this craft and were excited to take home their turtles.  Thursday I taught English again, and later in the day we spent a lot of time planning for our “Juegos Olímpicos” on Friday.

olympics in CR  The “Juegos Olímpicos” were a series of relays for the kids to race in.  We planned our team leaders, games, and prizes for our last day at the school.  When Friday came we split the kids into four teams: Las Tortugas, Las Leones, Los Tigres, and Los Delfíns.  The kids loved it, and a lot of them were very much in the competitive spirit.  Las Tortugas ended up winning almost every relay, which I pride myself in because I was one of their team captains.  After the games we went back into the school to hand out candy and prizes.  Saying goodbye to the kids was strange because it had felt like we had spent so much time there with them every day.  But all of the kids were really sweet when saying goodbye so it wasn’t too bad.  We will miss seeing them but we see a lot of them walking around town every day, and almost every time they excitedly say hello.  

sports day in costa rica