Hey ! Thought I would send another blog as an update as to how the Karina project has been so far. Everyone and I decided we would treat ourselves to a weekend in Juliaca as we did so much work this week, so wifi and pizza is as good a reward as any ! Let’s see, so first of all Karina is beautiful and I can’t describe how quickly everyone fell in love with the place, the people here have a great sense of humour and love to poke fun at us which of course we put up with but I do feel they have been pleasantly surprised with the work we have completed so far. 

So Will and Beatriz have spent the mornings teaching at the school as everyone agreed this was best since they spoke Spanish fluently. Everyone else has been working with Orlando, the project leader, mornings have been spent helping build a house and afternoons we have stayed in the fields or planted trees in the mountains. Everyone is in very high spirits with the community aswell, Richard’s been enjoying the field work and the girls, Micah and Kotryna have enjoyed the tree planting and Micah is very skilled with a pick axe. 
Overall it’s been a hard and rewarding week and can’t wait for the next one