A Leap or The Leap?

Six months ago I took a leap into the unknown. Probably the biggest one yet. Arriving in Sydney, alone, with no plan or certainty as to what I should expect was daunting to say the least. However, the feelings of apprehension soon subsided and I quickly slid into Sydney life. Although I had visited Sydney several times before, confronting the beast as a lone traveller soon opened my eyes to a whole new perspective. Preconceptions of a laidback surfy sunny city gave way to a reality of an overpriced over-regulated concrete metropolis which was largely unforgiving.

In search of work (of which Sydney had little to offer me) I jetted down the coast to the Manchester-of-Australia; Melbourne. Again preconceptions were shattered as I discovered a vibrant city with lots to offer. This is where the fun began. I made a base, and like an ants nest I spread, picking up new friends and experiences along the way. Whether that be pruning vines in SA or waiting tables in the hustle and bustle of sandy Sorrento, it was all a new learning curve (and not always an easy one!) Soon I found myself deep in rural Victoria doing stock work, and this was an enlightenment. After growing up on a farm in the UK I had avoided the countryside, but now I realised that’s where I belonged, and really enjoyed. This new passion lead me up to QLD to a ‘small’ (50,000 acres!) sheep station called Terrica, to wrestle sheep and sink XXXX for three weeks. The beauty, and size, of the Australian countryside had me in awe and has to be seen to be believed.

It was only by chance that I made the revelation to take The Leap. Due to a botched attempt to travel the east coast I was left down and despondent. However, in one swift swoop I went from a low to a high when I stumbled across a ten week Leap to Costa Rica. Sun surf and sea turtles had my mind racing.

Four weeks on, with my place secured and flights booked, day zero fast approaches but in contrast this Leap is far less daunting. Feelings of fear and apprehension have been replaced by excitement and eager anticipation as to what Central America has to offer. Whilst the spontaneity and a uncertainty of Australia has been an amazing experience, and a colossal learning curve, the prospect of a whole new country and culture to discover has me eagerly awaiting touchdown in San Jose.