Well on Monday, we had volunteering as usual which was just doing touch ups to signs and then we had our Spanish lessons. In the evening me and my friend Katie decided to do horse riding. It was for 2 hours and we went up in to the mountains and then on to the beach. It was incredible the views at the top of the mountain were amazing, and when we got to the beach we were able to gallop. Galloping on the beach has been on of the most amazing and beautiful things I’ve ever done.
There’s not much to say about volunteering this week as it was time for the 6 weekers to leave. So we celebrated Valentine’s Day together which was really lovely. The staff at Jakera did a huge barbecue for us and had made the tables up and had decorated the tables with petals. The food was incredible. So good! It was also a very emotional night as the next day the 6 weekers were leaving. We all danced to some classics and sang our hearts out. It was a wonderful night to be treasured for along time.
Then next day was very emotional as we all woke up early to say goodbye to our friends. We all cried and gave each other hugs and then they went on their way. That day was just a chill day for us as we all were basically emotional wrecks.
On Saturday we did a beach clean up. It was extremely hot! We did collect a lot of trash but it was hard work. We then made our way to the street and did a clean up on there to. We then, after a couple of hours, made our way back to the drop point for the bags and we had had water and some watermelon and pineapple.
It was a good week, not much going on but we all said goodbye to friends we will keep for the rest of our lives. Until the next blog, which I can tell you now will be very long. X