Yes… the first week has been a busy one, the first day we walked around the city and just got familiar with the surroundings. Also allowed me to get my bearings after a long travel time (which pretty much blitzed me) but it got me grounded and made me feel less alienated from the city. After a bit of walking we played some card games in a small park while we waited for a free tour guide. He took us to an alpaca farm which was amazing and taught us a bit about the city, which is mostly built from a white volcanic rock. We stopped halfway through the tour as we were hungry and ate at a vegan place. In fact the day was full of new food as I tried my first vegan burger (made up of mushrooms, quinoa and lentills) and later on in the evening for the welcome dinner tried an alpaca steak. FEELING NO GUILT AT ALL.

On the 8th we visited Yanahuara point which gave us an amazing view of the city we wondered around lazily and eventually ended up at the vegan restaurant again as the first time was delightful enough. Later on Yo Yo had us play a picture game in which we had to take pictures of certain people i.e German, French, Belgium but also of statues etc.  This was as fun as it was embarrassing but still, hats off to Yo Yo he has alot of good games. 
Today was insane, the white water rafting was better than I imagined and great fun! Sadly that had to end and after that we had four hours of Spanish classes which were extremely tedious, of course I know it is extremely useful for me to learn this but doesn’t help the fact that your stuck in a classroom. Ending the day off with a home cooked dinner from Mika and Yo Yo, early one tonight as getting up to head to coparaque in the morning. Update soon when I can