Rain forests and endangered Animals in Costa Rica

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This past week we have been helping to construct a list of the local birds for tourist groups. It was really interesting to get out in to the forest and see beautiful parrots and toucans! We are not too disappointed about not working in the school as we get to see the children in the village, and the local boys often join us in the dairy, they are crazy and so much fun!

Our houses are very lovely and the families are very friendly and welcoming. We are starting to get used to the cold showers and early mornings!

It is hard to imagine what a country will be like before you arrive, and so we did not know exactly what to expect, but we are very pleased with what we have found. We are still yet to encounter a Tico who has not been friendly and welcoming, we seem to provide a lot of amusement for them!

The project tasks are similar to how we imagined them, though there seems to be a lot of manual work. We were hoping there would be more community work involved, such as teaching the children, but we understand that this is not always possible. Luckily we were able to do some teaching work in San Juan.
We have always been busy in the mornings, and now  we have some exciting projects to look forward to in the afternoons, like working with the animals.

Thanks for all your help with Juan Carlos and for contacting our families for us, they are allways anxious to hear our news but we are not always possible to contact them so they are very grateful to you.

Rebecca and Rosanna

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