Leapers Bethan, Ella and Becca livin' the pura vida!

Our very cushty Costa Rica blogger Ella is back and armed with instagram (courtesy of Leap lovely India), ready to inspire us all out of our ‘Blue Monday”…

“Hola once again and a special pura vida to kitty’s mum who I don’t know how to reply to!

Lots has happened this week so instead of a long chronological ordering of things I went in depth and asked everyone about their highlights! Beth’s week was made by the finding of Boo Pablo Leap, our first baby turtle! Although he swam with a slight limp (yep, it’s possible) he set off into the big blue with determination and we hope our firstborn is doing well!

Michael (or Miguel as he has become) had a more stressful time of it, being completely baffled by Kitty’s mind reading trick, though he made up for it later in the week by getting very into method acting and actually becoming a crocodile. It was weird. It was scary. But we can all agree he is the most hilarious person on the trip!

Our beach!

Carla, with her skilfull Spanish and hilariously dirty laugh managed to blag herself a free surfing lesson! Since then she’s been showing us exactly what to and what not to do in the sea. We all hired boards this morning and hit the waves, well I hit them, most people caught them. Grace, I am told, is something you are born with.

My week was made by the addition of Ratty the dreadlock to my head. Though Kitty and Gaby then got dreads that far outdid my one, which was quite frankly dwarfed by Kitty’s, which has been dubbed ‘Ratatouille’ – we are pun people- I stand firm in the argument that as ratty was the first it makes me more local by right!

Sam Sam the danger-man!


Sam also got an addition to himself in the form of Mila Kunis, the surfboard. She is most beautiful, elegant and yellow. Though he would also like to add the finding of a 7 meter waterfall was a close draw, it was so beautiful and jumping off it was amazing!

Gaby and Indi are in a savage competition to see who can take the most picturesque photo of Costa Rica. Not that anyone is complaining, we already made the agreement that all photos are being shared, win win really! Boo and Becca found their inner zen with yoga on the beach in the mornings, cue more picturesque photos, and have been putting us all to absolute shame with their never ending calm! We also went to a National Park at the weekend as as well as seeing both spider and pale faced monkeys Katie hit up the markets! She and Indi have also been dubbed the most photogenic paring of the trip.

National Park Sloth and his tree...close second place to Katie and Indi on "most pictureque pairing so far"!

One of Indi's "picturesque" efforts...good work!

Possibly the biggest news though, including the hatching of our last Turtle nest on thursday, was our introduction to ‘Trits’ an ice cream/biscuit of the most heavenly quality which has essentially led to trite becoming the new form of currency within the house. It’s not a very stable economy because the shop has a limited supply, but no one plans to switch back!”