Our long weekend of island hopping ended with a day and a half on the beautiful island of Santa Cruz, where we did the land lava tunnels, which was inside of a giant tortoise reserve. It was incredible to see such old formations that were created from molten lava! And the tortoises are just adorable and I’ll never get tired of seeing them and their no sense of urgency lives.

In the afternoon we got a water taxi to Las Grietas which is a channel of crystal clear blue water in an earth fracture – it was amazing for snorkelling with rainbow parrot fish and a hundred other types of colourful fish. Just beautiful. We even managed to get to the infamous Tortuga Bay before we left Santa Cruz – worth every step of the 6km walk!


This week we finished our volunteering and it has to be said that it was not a dry few days – our leader Geo said that it was the worst rain he’d seen on San Cristóbal; it was continuous for about 4 days resulting in major flooding of our Hacienda! After some water bailing from the kitchen though it was soon sorted.

We’ve had yet another birthday this week – lovely Ella. We celebrated in the best way possible with cocktails from a beach bar that was far too posh for us! Followed by a kids birthday party with balloons and hats back at the Hancienda; so much fun.

For our final night on San Cristóbal and in the Galápagos, we went for swim in the warm sea with the playful sea lions. 4 babies were playing around us and diving between us, it was such a magical moment, especially with the sun setting behind us. Such a perfect way to end our amazing 2 weeks here.

It goes without saying that these past 2 weeks have been a highlight that will stay with us forever; the views, the wildlife and the people will be missed greatly. Off to Baños for some adventuring next week though!