Words can’t describe this magical place. It’s like no other place I’ve ever been to: the never ending sound of the jungle; the incredible wildlife that we’ve been constantly surrounded by; the immensely tall trees and the beautiful River Napo running right past where we’ve been staying – The Gaia Amazon Eco Lodge. We began our 3 day stay with a river canoe boat trip along the River Napo where we managed to see 3 different types of monkey almost right away! Safe to say it was a very exciting moment for us all! They were so cute and there was even a baby there which was even cuter!


Our second day got off to a great start because of the comfort of my double bed – by far the best night’s sleep of the trip! What followed was a hike through both the secondary and primary parts of the forest which was so beautiful. Although we didn’t manage to see any animals, we did come into very close contact with some angry insects… we accidentally walked a tad close to their nest and what a bad idea that was; they attacked us! Thousands of bees were all over us, stinging us; we can definitely appreciate the funnier side now we’re a few days on from it.

                                                                                              Me de-bugging my boots!

The time went so quickly that our third and final day came and went far too quickly – we visited a ‘Mariposario’ which was stunning; there were 26 different species of butterfly including my favourites: the king swallowtail and malachite butterflies. It’s so magical being surrounded by butterflies all landing on you as well! As a little bonus, at the end there was a Chichico monkey swinging from the trees. Just to make our final day even better we did the best thing imaginable… we made chocolate! The whole process from toasting the raw cacao to eating an unhealthy amount of fresh chocolate sauce. After 10 weeks without much chocolate, we all ate far too much, but it was so tasty!

So sad to be leaving this beautiful place after 3 days, but it’s a place that I think we would all love to come back to in the future for it’s stunning sunrises and relaxing evenings.