So this week we started our surfing lessons. We were all extremely excited to be getting out in to the water to finally learn how to surf. The first day was extremely frustrating for everyone I believe as the majority of us couldn’t get up on to our boards until near the end of the lesson. I don’t think this was just me, but one thing I found hard about the lessons where the salt water. I stung yours eyes so bad you could barely see which not ideal if your surfing. After the first day we were all exhausted and our muscles ached. It would have been a sight to watch, all of us walking back to the bus after our first lesson. Some of us on Monday tried out an Israeli restaurant for dinner. It was actually really nice, and very cheap which was all that much better for us all.
The rest of days were just practising surfing and getting better at it which a lot of us did and we were all enjoying because we could all now stand up on the board and surf! On the last day we had a photographer come to take pictures of surfing. So the pressure was on to look good and not fall off for the camera.

Saturday, we had an ATV tour. We were all looking forward to it for a while. The ATV’s all arrived and we all got shown how to use them safely. And we all wore helmets, just letting all the parents know. We then set of to a place called Coyote. The journey there was amazing! When we got there we were all filthy! Unfortunately one of us, James found out the hard way why you don’t wear white in ATV’s. We then all dove in to the sea to wash off the dirt on our bodies. Then we had some lunch and headed back to Jakera. The ride back was amazing as we rode on the beach! Best day ever! Great end to a perfect week!