Hi everyone, I’m Grace and I’m super happy that I’m the team blogger for this Ecuador trip for 10 weeks! So after a super long day travelling and crazy amounts of jet lag, we arrived in a surprisingly sunny and hot Quito! After checking into our colourful little hostel we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Quito and we found a little market selling some really random stuff!

We’re all just sat on the rooftop terrace bar looking out onto Quito and the hundreds of colourful houses that are all over the base of the of the volcano Pichincha.

On Saturday we went on a bus tour around the city through the old part and the new part – we stopped off at El Panecillo which is the statue of the angel where there was a crazy singer and loads of friendly locals who invited us to dance with them which was so much fun! The views here are too incredible to even describe; from snow capped mountains and volcanoes to historic buildings that have taken over 100 years to build. We had orientation in the morning where we literally found out all the things that insects and snakes can do in our volunteering community in Agato and it is not nice to say the least, we’ll be bathing in insect repellent for the whole 2 weeks for sure. So we had our welcome meal with the Yanapuma foundation at a restaurant in the city and it was so nice to be able to eat crepes and waffles for once (even if me and Connie ordered one too many desserts!)

On Sunday we went to the equator line where there’s a museum all about how the indigenous people worked out where the equator was because of the strong forces between north and south, they did an experiment with water down a plug which had us all confused! Such a lovely start to the trip, leaving for Agato to the community today!