So this week we were doing various tasks in order to make the community aware of recycling and how rubbish is effecting the environment, mostly the sea, as it is so close to us. Which I know some of you don’t want to hear that, as it isn’t that far of a walk. Anyway, one of the tasks for project recycling awareness was to design signs and leaflets. This was the group I was in and we had a lot of designs, we wanted to somehow make sure everyone’s designs were included in one way or another. So through out the week the team working on signs saw their designs come to life. So for me and everyone else doing a sign we had to create our design and then sketch it out on to our wood. Next we needed to paint it and then let that dry and then outline with a sharpie. They all looked so good once we had finished them all.
Another team were working on the new recyeling centers we were putting up, one near our neigbours down our road and then further down our road outside a hostel. This required a hole to be dug and the the filled it with cement to make a block and then on another day once it had set they placed 3 concrete cylinders on it and made sure they were solidly attached to the ground and were not going anywhere. They were then painted in the colours of the each of the type of items going into them. They now look amazing!
So one night on a Wednesday was a very sad but also at the same time marvelous moment. We had our last turtle nest hatch. 95 baby turtles came wriggling out, the people on shift down at Banana Beach (this is where the nest is next to), they check every 15 minutes on the nests incase they have hatched, 3 Leapers that were down there said within 15 minutes there was at least 40 that had hatched. They then contacted Chris up at the house and told him that they were hatching he then let everyone else know so we could go down to see the last lot of baby turtles. So I headed down and by the time I got there they had just released them. I have found these moments to be the best ones I’ve had on this trip. I also seem to have this habit now from when I released my first bale (group of turtles), I now cry. I just find it such a magical moment and how I’m helping preserve the species and just generally being there to witness their descent into the ocean. It was an amazing night to end the turtle nesting season. 
So the next morning Maykol (pronounced Michael, also one of our team leaders) came to everyones rooms at around 6am asking if any of us wanted to come down to the beach to watch the exhumation of the nest from the night before. No one wanted to apart from me, so I got dressed very quickly not even brushing my hair and then rushed and hopped on to the quad bike with Maykol and we headed down to the beach. As he knew that I knew how to do an exhumation of a nest he asked if I wanted to do it. I found it such a privilege to be able to do it. We didn’t find any turtles which is good, it means they all came out by themselves the night before. I did unfortunately find one unfertilised egg but overall it was a great hatch. As we keep data of all our nests, we saw that 95-100% of eggs from our nests have hatched. Which is absolutely amazing news for us and Chris as his project is obviously working extremely well.
On our weekend trip we went to an island called ‘Tortuga Island’. Tortuga means turtle in spanish. We were going to be doing snorkelling around the island. So once we arrived at the island we stopped by this rocked called ‘Pelican Rock’, and then we got our kit on and jumped in. It was amazing, we saw starfish and lots of colourful fish. It was so incredible to just look out at the sea and just see blue and then to look under the water and to see a completely different life of colour and just magic. We then got back on to the boat after about an hour in the water and we then went to a different location, this one was much better as it was just our group no one else was there. SO PEACEFUL. One of the best things I’ve done whilst I’ve been here.
So moving on to the next week, beginning with 5th February. Two weeks in one post whats going on? This is due to me having such a great time I have forgotten to send The Leap my blogs, well write them to start with. Anyway on to what I believe is week 4.
This week isn’t much different from the last really, we made more signs to do with littering and recycling. But this was in the afternoons. A good amount of us had paid for more surfing lessons which we did in the mornings. Early. We had to be down at the Super Fresco (our local and nearest supermarket) to be picked up by our bus to be taken to the beach. It was really good, some of us struggled at the start of the week getting back into it as it had been a week since the surf week. As the week went on we all got better and better and near the end they took some of us out to the line up, this is where the waves start breaking so we will go much faster once we are on the board. This was so much fun, but it did hurt a lot more if you fell off. Me and only a few others discovered something that we described as satan’s child. It is something called a ‘Turtle Roll’, this is when your on your board and a wave is coming and what you have to do is grip your board and the flip it so your underneath your board and then also under the wave and you can’t come back up until the wave has passed. Me and the few others that experienced this, all agree it is not a pleasant thing to do. You half feel your drowning but then you come back up, so great feeling overall. Apart from this it was a really good surf week!
So there are the last two weeks, I will try and be a bit more punctual from now with the blogs.