A Word from the Project Leader:


The Venezuela team are doing really good, missing Jen but besides that happy and healthy. We have spent the last week working on a project that I think really meant a lot to us, we have been building a kitchen for a school in Punto Morena, a small island in the Carribean. The girls and I worked hard for four days with two laborers, lots of people from the community and our guide. We constructed an extension for the tiny kitchen that was already there so that the teachers would be able to cook for all the school children. The last day a huge storm came in and we got rained out so we could not see the project completed but the town and the laborers were going to finish it up the next day and the girls and I will be checking up on that next week.

For now the girls are working on Jakera club and looking forward to their next trip, Caripe.

Until next week,

Life on a Caribbean Island...it's a tough one!

A word from the Venezuela Leapers:

The last week we have been really busy. We went to an Island called Punto Morena where we decided to help out and extend the kitchen for the local school. Before we started, the kitchen was a small tin shack and this had to cater for up to 50 children. For this we had to go into Puerto La Cruz and buy all the building materials which involved visiting loads of DIY stores and waiting for ages for our orders to be processed. No B & Q unfortunately.

After we had all the materials we had to prepare and paint some of the metal. The day after we packed up everything and took a boat to the Island. The boat chugged to the Island as it was so heavy from bags of cement mix, and roofing materials plus our heavy bodies from all the pasta and rice we have been eating!

When we arrived on the Island the hard work began. We had to move building bricks from the shore up to the school, this was in the blistering heat of day and we were literally drenched with sweat. However all the local people and children from as young as 5 helped out. They were all so friendly and supplied us with coffee and cake. The Island itself was gorgeous and there were no cars, the streets were filled with goats and chickens. We stayed on the Island for 3 nights, in a small house where we slept in hammocks on the Veranda. For our daily shower we bathed in the Sea as there was no running water so we had to flush the toilet with buckets of sea water. This was interesting but did the job.

The evenings consisted of watching the Sun Set and Star Gazing with a Cuba Libre. The 2nd day started off with gathering sand from a beach (who knew sand would be so heavy) and then we transported it back to the building site. This is where the fun started, we were both let loose with Hammers and we had to knock half the wall down from the existing building, we recommend this as therapy to anyone who is feeling stressed. Later that day we made cement and the construction started. The next 2 days consisted mainly of building, this went really well however we could not get the roof on as there was a huge storm. Some local builders said that they were going to finish this the next day, and we will be checking up later this week to see it completed. We are so glad to be doing a project that will help out a great deal and will have a lasting impression for the children now at the School and for the future generation.

For now it is back to Jakera Club before we head off to Caripe at the end of next week.

Over and Out,

Sarah and Emily